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Suit and Wedding Dress Alterations – John E Monk

John E.Monk specialises in professional, prompt and comprehensive clothing alterations, both for general clothing and wedding dresses. The repairs are available at cost effective prices.

Suit Alterations:

The prices for suit alterations are kept as reasonable as possible to maintain the notion of affordability. From shortening the sleeves to adjusting the shoulders of the jacket, from lengthening the trousers to tapering the legs, John E. Monk can do everything for you. For remodelling the entire suit, you will have to contact the firm by calling them or visiting their store.

We offer shortening and lengthening of sleeves for around £24 and shortening and lengthening of jackets for around £27. The rest of the prices are mentioned on the website. For the shortening or lengthening of trousers, the price is £12, which is extremely reasonable. The rest of the prices for altering trousers are also mentioned on the website.

Wedding Dress Alterations:

For remodelling an entire wedding dress, the client will have to contact John E. Monk for a quotation. For shortening the dress, John E. Monk charges £30 and for taking in the waist, the same amount is charged. We offer wedding, bridesmaid and bridal dress alterations.

All the suit alterations and wedding dress alterations are done carefully and to exacting standards to produce exceptional results for the client. With over twenty years of experience in this business, John E. Monk has mastered alteration techniques. An appointment can be arranged with John E. Monk on the number 0151 709 9227 and all your requirements can then be discussed in person.

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