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Suit Spotlight: Black Tuxedo – John E Monk

With over forty-five years of experience, John E. Monk specialises in using the finest British made fabrics and producing extremely well- sewn and elegant designer, classic and evening formal attires. We have recently introduced a comprehensive Black Tuxedo- Single Breasted package. This package includes a tuxedo jacket, trousers, shirt, cummerbund and a bow tie. Not just suitable for black tie events, it is also appropriate for other evening occasions such as weddings and formal parties, or even late dinners and formal businesses occasions. Offered for only £45, it is a perfect men’s suit for those who want something classy for their events.

You can add numerous other items to complete your formal attire including hats, canes, shoes, neck wears and waistcoats. We can help you find the perfect look for your formal event, and this Black Tuxedo is just a single example of that. Tuxedos are distinguished from other formal attires with a bow tie to finish the look, whereas other formal attires include a long tie.

We bring you an amazing and seamless experience with this product. Being single breasted, the “V” cut mimics the ideal male torso. The tuxedo is mostly worn unbuttoned, so the cummerbund provides versatility in men’s formal ensemble. The black colour, in turn, has two distinct aesthetic advantages.

This amazing men’s suit has received a lot of fame recently. More and more people are now opting for this apt formal attire for their formal events. Black tuxedo. Single breasted offers you a complete look with no strings attached. Produced in the finest quality in which we have highly invested, and a perfect finishing, it will surely get you noticed for right reasons and will turn some heads your way at the event.

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