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Clothing & Wedding Dress Alterations in Liverpool

It’s your big day. You’ve got the dress. But it just doesn’t fit the way you want it to.

John E. Monk offers a high quality alteration service at a low cost.  For as little as £30, your dress can be taken in at the waist or shortened. Your wedding dress can be altered to exactly how you want it, so you finally feel like you’ve got the dress you have always dreamed of.

If you want your dress completely remodeled, John E. Monk can make this possible. Just simply call the shop, to speak to the tailors. They can go through what you need, step by step. The tailors can also work out pricing and a timeline that suits you.

For most wedding dress alterations, it may need to be booked in advance to ensure you get exactly what you want, ready for your big day.

We’ve all been there. Found the perfect pair of trousers, the fabric, the colour, the style is exactly what you wanted. But there’s something wrong, they’re just too short or long on the leg.

It’s very rare that we find trousers or pants that fit us perfectly in length and sometimes even in width; that’s where John E. Monk can step in.

John E. Monk can also alter any type of clothing you have. Something as simple as remodeling and alteration can bring new life to some of your old clothes. Just bring your clothes to the shop and John E. Monk can have them altered that very day.  Prices start from as little as £12. For more information on any clothing alterations, please click here. For wedding dress alterations please click here

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