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Avoid The Bespoke Tailor Scam

Are you looking for a bespoke tailor? Make sure you thoroughly research your chosen bespoke tailor before you place an order for a bespoke suit there. Look for reviews and recommendations from previous customers. Don’t be afraid to go along and ask questions before you decide to buy.

There is a common bespoke tailor scam, which can catch out new customers and seasoned purchasers alike. As a potential customer, you will go to a bespoke tailor and enquire about having a bespoke suit made for you. The tailor will measure you up and offer various choices of materials and trims, making you believe you will get a suit that was genuinely custom made just for you. However, after you have left the tailor, your measurements are used to import a similar suit from abroad that will fit.

The imported suit will not be custom made, will not necessarily have the style or detailing that you requested and may not be made of the high quality material that you had asked for. You get a generic suit and pay the price of a bespoke one, while the tailor unfairly makes a large profit.

If you’re looking for a reputable bespoke tailor and want to avoid a bespoke tailor scam, try John E Monk. Jonh E Monk suits are genuinely made to measure in-house. With 45 years experience and many happy clients across the North West, we will offer you a great experience and a bespoke suit you can treasure.

You will be able to choose your styling, fabric, lining and trims; every detail is chosen by you and will be handcrafted to your specification and measurements. We offer exceptional customer service; we want you to be very happy with your new bespoke suit and will do our upmost to help you get the perfect fit and style. We have a convenient city centre location and free parking so why not pop in and chat to one of our friendly staff today?

John Monk’s suits are all made in house by expert bespoke tailors. If you are interested in purchasing your own, please visit the John Monk website now.

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