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August Suit Spotlight: Royal Blue Mohair Suit

August only means one thing. It’s the height of summer and we’ve got the perfect suit for all your summer events.

The Royal Blue Mohair Lounge Suit is John E. Monk’s August Spotlight Suit. This very modern and stylish suit is sure to turn heads at any formal summer event you attend.

The Lounge Suit is available to rent or purchase from the John E. Monk website. The suit package includes the jacket, trousers, waistcoat, shirts and neckwear. You can also pair the suit with John E. Monk’s range of shoes, hats and canes to give it that extra drizzle of John E. Monk elegance.

A blue suit has been a very popular choice for this year’s summer weddings. The lightweight cloth of the suit is quintessential to keep you cool for those hot summer evenings on the dance floor.

You can pair the suit with matching or striped trousers in a variety of well-accompanied colours. The websites renting service is easy accessible and can give you options on what kind of shirts, trousers and neckwear will compliment your suit. If you need additional help, simply call John E. Monk or pop in store where tailors can assist you to make sure you look like a gent at your summer event.

However, the Royal Blue Mohair Lounge Suit isn’t just for summer. This sharp suit is timeless and can be worn all year round. Switching up the shirt, neckwear and shoes can give you a whole new look ready for your next big bash.

For more information on the Royal Blue Mohair Lounge Suit, please visit the specific suit page

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