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Why every man should own a bespoke suit

Every man has a suit sitting in his wardrobe right now, ready to pull out on special occasion, but how many men can say they have an excellent quality suit, ready for any occasion and tailored specifically for them?

A bespoke suit can do all of that and more. A bespoke suit is custom tailored around your size and measurements to ensure it fits, just like a glove. There are so many benefits to owning a bespoke suit rather than buying a ready-made. Here’s why:

  1. You will have a perfectly fitted suit ready for any occasion.

If you were buying a bespoke suit for a particular occasion you may think that you can only wear it once. However, you’re wrong. A classy looking bespoke suit is perfect for any event: a wedding, a black tie night and even a christening. If you are nervous of looking too similar than your last occasion, simply change little details: (shoes, shirt and tie) and you have a completely new outfit.

  1. You are guaranteed to feel more confident in a higher quality suit

Ready-made suits are great. You can pick up one that you really like, that fits you well. However, a bespoke suit just looks so much classier. You can’t beat quality and that’s exactly what you get with a bespoke suit. This kind of suit just can’t be rented every weekend; it’s made just for you.

  1. You can customise your suit to be exactly what you want with no compromise

How many times have you had to settle on a suit that you reasonably like but wish you could change some elements to? A bespoke suit is so much more personal. A tailor can take you through each and every part of your suit to ensure you get exactly what you want. A bespoke suit offers endless customisation with your chosen, fabric, design and pattern. It’s all up to you.

If you are interested in getting a bespoke suit from us, please visit our bespoke suit section here

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One Response to Why every man should own a bespoke suit

  1. Syd Williams / Reply

    29th May 2018 at 4:26 pm

    very pleased with my made-to-measure suit which I collected today, 29/5/18. Fits very well and I received great service from John and his team. I recommend him unreservedly.

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