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Suit Packages – John E Monk Liverpool

John E. Monk brings a varied range of suit rentals for all your occasions, specifically tailored to your needs. We have an entire designer range, classic range and evening collection.

Designer range

The designer suit rental packages start from £140 and include jacket, trousers, neckwear, shirt, cufflinks and a waistcoat. Personal fittings are also available for all collections. Designer rentals mostly include long tailcoats, preferably in blue and grey and beige colours. The lounge suits are a perfect modern alternative to tailcoats and Edwardian jackets. These are ideally worn unbuttoned to reveal the waistcoat beneath.

Classic Range

This range of suit rentals are named classic for a reason- all the suits are extremely classy and elegant. From long tailcoats and lounge suits to Edwardian jackets with their complete packages, this range is desired by everyone. Starting from just £100, the classic range package includes jacket, trouser, neckwear, shirt, cufflinks and a waistcoat. The tailcoats and lounge suits are more or less the same as in designer range. The Edwardian suit rentals are a classic mid length jacket, also worn unbuttoned to reveal the waistcoat worn beneath, which put more emphasis on the elegancy of the attire. It is a traditional style and apt for those grooms who prefer to have traditional weddings rather than the modern ones these days. Stylish and versatile, it is an excellent choice for these trend setters.

Evening Collections

This range start from £55 and consists of single/double breasted black or white tuxedos, suited for evening events such as business meetings and occasional parties. These packages consist of tuxedo jackets, trouser, shirt, cummerbund, and a bow tie. The tuxedos give a complete look to the formal attire and are most preferred by men. This suit rental, with distinguished satin detailing’s, is a must have for you.


All these packages are specifically made, tailored to meet your individual needs. Made with the best quality, you would love to have one of these fine pieces of clothing.

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