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Bespoke Suits For Every Occasion – John E Monk

When choosing bespoke suits and formalwear, it’s important to know the difference suits: a wedding suit, a morning suit, a tuxedo and a tailcoat are all very different. The easiest to define from the other suits is the wedding suit. As suggested by the name, this is a traditional style of suit worn for a wedding. Other formalwear may be worn at a wedding according to personal preference and dress code, however the wedding suit is a common choice. One advantage of investing in a wedding suit is that it can be repurposed as formalwear or business dress for other occasions.

A morning suit is a type of formalwear that is worn in the daytime. The signature style of a morning coat is different to any other type of suits. All the clothing comprising a morning suit is typically the same colour but there are variations according to modern style and individual taste. You could wear a morning suit when attending a wedding or formal event that starts in the morning or will run mainly during the day.

A tuxedo is a type of formalwear that is worn in the evening. A tuxedo can be distinguished from other types of suits by the satin detailing it features. Tuxedos are usually worn with a bow tie whereas other suits are worn with a long tie. You would wear a tuxedo to a ‘black tie’ event. You could also wear a tuxedo to formal evening dinners and parties.

A tailcoat is reserved for the most prestigious occasions and formal settings. A tailcoat is set apart from other suits by the ‘tails’ featured at the back. Tailcoats can be worn at any time of day and can suit any occasion with the formal dress code.

At John E Monk, we offer hire of a range of classic, modern and designer formalwear including wedding suits, morning suits, tuxedos and tailcoats. We also offer bespoke tailoring and can make a suit for you that is made to measure and hand crafted with detailing you choose.

If you are interested in purchasing or hiring a suit, please visit the John E Monk Website now.

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